Custom T-shirt printing is a booming industry that you can start and gain profit. If you have creative and appealing designs for printing, you're probably sitting on a goldmine. People, as we all know, purchase clothing because it is a necessity. If you sell them fantastic-looking shirts, there would be no excuse for them not to purchase them.

The best clothing that you would be proud to wear is that which you have printed yourself rather than that which you have purchased from an expensive shop. There are a plethora of different locations where you can easily purchase various designs to print your T-shirt .

There are two common printing types.

1. Printing with a heat transfer

T-shirt printing is performed with a heat press mechanism in heat transfer printing . This printing method is much more straightforward. You simply need to pick your template on the computer and print it on a paper that is specifically designed for heat transfer printing.

You can transfer heat even more by using heat press machines. As a result, all that is needed is a transfer paper, a machine, and some designs. This method works well for making T-shirts in smaller quantities.

2. Silk Screen Printing

You should go for screen printing once you've started your business and are able to take large orders. You'll need photo emulsion, plates, a squeegee, and inks for screen printing. There are machines that can help you with this operation. Since these devices are made especially for printing hard designs. For instance, consider the 770 series printer. Since the frames of silk screen printing machines can be reused, these machines are ideal for larger printing projects.

Heat transfer printing Vs silk screen printing

In comparison to screen printing, printing T-shirts with direct to garment printing is much simpler for small businesses. Both of these printing methods yield high-quality output, but it's worth noting that DTG is more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and time-efficient for small printing shops. Screen printing is another tried-and-true process for printing on t-shirts for large-scale business operations.

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