Kalsarpa Pooja Vidhi Trimbakeshwar

Kalsarpa Dosh occurs when all seven planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, are drawn between Rahu and Ketu. If Rahu is placed in the first house, Ketu will be in the seventh house. Thus, there is the possibility in any chart of placing the rest of the planets between Rahu and Ketu, which is known as Kalsarpa dosh. It is important to understand the degree of the planet's alignment with Rahu or Ketu. To be certain of the existence of Kalsarpa dosh in a natal chart, if mars is placed with rahu at 10 degrees and rahu's degree is less than mars degree, the Kalsarpa dosh does not exist in that chart. The degree of Rahu and Ketu must be greater than the planets' position with them.
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The following are the negative effects of Kalsarpa Yog:

In general, Kalsarpa dosh causes natives to struggle in all aspects of life, including health, wealth, career, profession, love, marriage, children, and many other aspects of life. However, it is critical to determine the exact effect of a Kalsarpa dosh in the native horoscope.

Is it causing negative effects and difficulties in our health, wealth, career, profession, marriage, and other aspects of our lives? How could you assume that? This can be considered by the position of Rahu and Ketu in different houses of the natal chart; for example, if Rahu is placed in the first house and Ketu is in the seventh house, the person will have difficulties in health and wealth as the first house indicates the native's health and struggle in life; similarly, if Rahu is in the second house, the person may struggle and have difficulties with family relations, wealth, and so on. As a result, we can analyse the effect of a Kalsarpa Dosh. The best solution for Kalsarpa Yog is Kalsarpa Dosh Nivaran Pooja Trimbakeshwar .

Symptoms of Kalsarpa Dosh include:

  • If Kalsarpa Yog is in one's natal chart or horoscope, they frequently have dreams about dead people. They see ghosts of their ancestors or recently deceased family members.
  • They may think that someone is attempting to strangle them.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, those under the influence of the Kalsarpa Yog are devoted to their family and society. They have a gregarious, nurturing, and altruistic personality.
  • In their hour of need, they are also lonely. They have to struggle in life as a result of the yoga present in the Kundli.
  • Those who are under the influence of Kalsarpa yog are terrified of snakes and snake bites. In fact, they regularly dream of being coil by snakes. They may also suffer from aero acrophobia, or the fear of being alone.

Kalsarpa Dosh Remedies:

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